Friday, October 20, 2006

Big Gus Rolls On

We know it's been a long time since we last posted! It's been a big month: Gus was baptized, Josiah became a teenager and Gregg was ordained! Gus' grandparents joined us from Maine and North Dakota for these events and enjoyed spending time with him out of the hospital. The last time both grandmas saw Gus he was literally a few days old and significantly smaller. Gus continues to amaze us with his progress ... not to mention his rolling over! Last night he did a complete 360 degree roll for friend Pam - did we mention he's a genius. Our home is an explosion of colorful toys and baby gear, and we've now entered the bib phase- we average 4 wet bibs a day. Gus also loves to put anything he can find into his mouth - especially his thumb. He's sleeping longer through the night - 8 to 10 hours - which is great for all. Even waking up at 3 am is okay - we just can't help smiling at him at any hour.

As you can see Gus looks more and more like his dad. I know there's some of me in there somewhere! His hair is growing in and so far is auburn with lots of strawberry-blond highlights. I think I saw some of my wave in there this morning... Oh yes, eyes are definitely blue!
Yes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in the Brekke clan! It was a wonderful visit with Josiah and his grandparents. Gus was great entertainment for everyone and had many "stories" to tell us. Gus loved returning his Grandpa Dean's big smile.
Here is one of Gus' big smiles. He is one happy little baby with giggles, smiles, chatter and coos. It probably helps that we can't stop smiling at him and pouring on the kisses. Every day we think about how blessed we are with this fun little miracle.

One of the things that didn't happen much this month was doctor visits. It feels so good! We did go this week to Gus' developmental assessment through Miami Valley Hospital. This was a four month (since coming home) check on his physical development, speech and overall health. Everyone was pleased with his progress and the fact that he's right on target for his 4-month adjusted age (based on the June due date). He's now 13 lbs 3 oz and 24 inches long. Dr. P, one of his NICU doctors, met with us and couldn't stop returning the smiles. It's bittersweet not seeing the wonderful NICU staff and friends that we grew to know so well, but so nice to not have to go into the hospital to be with Gus! We go back to the eye surgeon in November for a 3-month check. From our view, Gus' eyes are picking up people and shapes at a distance and he is seeing things very well. He loves to explore patterns on his blankets (thanks to everyone for those) and trace them with his fingers.

Rolling along,
Gregg, Jill and Gus